In the context of BESE vision, the mission of KAUST Environmental Epigenetics Program (KEEP) is to advance fundamental knowledge using any model organism and develop technologies to unravel the basic mechanisms that control genome function beyond DNA code and the ability of cells, to learn, communicate and adapt to the environment.

These include Signaling to chromatin, Nuclear architecture, Noncoding RNA, Dynamics of noncoding genome, Epigenomics, Cell metabolism and how the integrated action of all these levels of regulation contribute to development, cell memory, adaptation, tissue regeneration, complex behavior, trans-generational inheritance and biodiversity and all implications for potential applications to improve human health.

KAUST Environmental Epigenetics Program will be closely integrated with all other disciplines present on the campus including Mathematics, Computational Sciences, Bio-imaging, Chemistry and Engineering as well as with other international Epigenetics centers and networks.

Keep Laboratories

Prof. Jesper Tegnér

Living Systems Laboratory

Prof. Christian Froekjaer-Jensen

Laboratory of Synthetic Genome Biology

Prof. Manuel Aranda

The Coral Symbiomics Lab



KAUST Smart-Health Initiative

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