Emerging Themes In (Epi-)Genome Architecture and Function

Following on from our successful mini symposium “Chromatin Meets Epigenetics: From organization to function” in April 2018,  the Laboratory of Chromatin Biochemistry hosted the Research Conference on 'Emerging themes in (epi-)genome architecture and function' at KAUST from February 4th to 6th, 2020. The focus of this event was to provide a platform for technical and conceptual cross-disciplinary interactions in the field of Epi-Genome organization. The conference invited 15 international speakers (from different parts of the world) with expertise in different areas related to (epi-)genome architecture to KAUST. On the local site, the event was integrated with the activities of the KAUST Environmental Epigenetics Program (http://www.environmental-epigenetics.com/). 

The conference covered the following topics:

theme I: Genome organization: state-of-the art capturing methods and super-resolution imaging
theme II: Genome structure and function: how genome organization and phase separation contribute to euchromatin-heterochromatin states and replication


theme III: Genome organization and disease: how defects in genome organization can lead to disease