Symposium: “Chromatin meets epigenetics: from organization to function”

As part of KAUST Environmental Epigenetics Program (KEEP), the Chromatin Biochemistry laboratory is delighted to announce the symposium ‘Chromatin Meets Epigenetics: From Organization To Function”. This symposium brings together internationally renowned experts in the area of Chromatin Biology research at KAUST.

Structure of nucleosomes/nucleosome interacting proteins
Chromatin remodeling, dosage compensation
Centromeres and DNA damage
Epigenetics and disease
Environmental epigenetics

The aim of this symposium is to integrate and enhance understanding of the links between structural properties of chromatin and its functions. This multifaceted conference is designed to promote interactive discussions and exchange ideas with distinguished researchers and inspire students/researchers at KAUST.

Keynote speakers:
Peter Becker
Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany

Ben Black
University of Pennsylvania, USA

Jun-ichi Nakayama
National Institute for Basic Biology, Japan

Song Tan
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Wolfgang Fischle
Zhadyra Yerkesh
Papita Mandal
Yogesh Ostwal
Chromatin Biochemistry Laboratory, KAUST