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Dr. Paolo Sassone-Corsi

Director of the Centre of Epigenetics and Metabolism, UCI, Irvine

Education Profile

Ph.D., University of Naples, Italy

Professional Profile

Dr. Sassone-Corsi's major interest is concentrated on the mechanisms of signal transduction able to modulate nuclear functions and, in particular gene expression, chromatin remodeling and epigenetic control. These events have important consequences for the understanding of cellular proliferation, oncogenesis and differentiation. The stimulation of intracellular pathways and the activation of specific protein kinases lead to transcriptional regulation by changes in the phosphorylation state of nuclear factors. These act as final targets of different pathways and modulate expression from specific regulatory sites. The strength of these studies is particularly evident within physiological settings which have been investigated by this lab, the molecular control of circadian rhythms and the differentiation of male germ cells.