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Transgene, Merieux Nustrisciences, bioMerieux and ABL Inc Visited KAUST


Institute Merieux: Placing Medicine and Public Health in the Heart of Innovation

In line with its Pasteurian tradition, Institut Merieux has been committed to medicine and public health since its inception about a century ago. It has structured its action around three strategic activities – diagnostics, immunotherapy and nutrition. Its four companies, bioMerieux, Transgene, Merieux Nutrisciences and ABL Inc. develop and assess innovative solutions to combat the persistent threat from infectious diseases, provide new weapons against cancer and help improve nutrition. In all instances, the Institute promotes cross-disciplinary approaches, eg combining diagnostics and therapy to promote more personalized medicine, or food safety and better nutrition to combat infectious diseases, cancers and metabolic disorders.

Institut Merieux is committing its experience in industrial biology to serve medicine and public health across the globe. To fight against infectious diseases and cancers, it imagines and develops new approaches in the fields of diagnostics, immunotherapy, food safety and nutrition. Its three bio-industrial companies : bioMerieux, Transgene and Merieux Nutrisciences working closely with its entities devoted to innovation, such as ABL Inc and Merieux Development, have enabled major advances in medicine and public health. Throughout the world, Institut Merieux aims to make these solutions accessible to the greatest number of people, by developing diagnostics for developing countries and working biology without borders.