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We welcome Prof. Christian Froekjaer Jensen as the newest full member of KEEP since Sept 18 2017


We are excited to welcome Prof. Christian Froekjaer Jensen to the Bioscience program and as a full member of KAUST's Environmental Epigenetics Research Program (KEEP). Dr. Froekjaer Jensen joins us from Prof. Andrew Fire's lab, Stanford University, Palo Alto.

Prof. Christian Froekjaer Jensen's research is focused on understanding the design principles of how gene expression is regulated at the genomic level, with a focus on how non-coding DNA is utilized as a memory of endogenous genes in order to silence transposable elements. To understand the grammar of how primary DNA sequence and genome organization regulate gene expression, the laboratory will use genetics, genomics, and biological engineering in the nematode C. elegans with inspiration from the nascent field of synthetic biology.


The laboratory has a number of exciting projects for PhDs and Postdocs; please contact Prof. ChristianFroekjaer Jensen.

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