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Core Labs

The Bioscience Core Lab  supports and initiates scientific research and technology transfer by providing technologically advanced research methodologies to resolve questions facing the KAUST Bioscience Research Community and their Collaborators from Academia and Industry. ​
The Advanced Nanofabrication, Imaging and Characterization Core Facilities are dedicated to providing the instrumentation, technical expertise, and team-teaching environment to stimulate collaborative research in nanoscale technology. The facility is a multidisciplinary laboratory that supports research across many different departments within KAUST.​
The Visualization Laboratory at KAUST is a state-of-the-art facility that offers students, faculty, researchers and university collaborators a unique opportunity to utilize one-of-a-kind visualization, interaction, and computational resources for the exploration and presentation of scientific data. 2D and 3D display environments, highly spatialized and immersive audio, monoscopic and stereoscopic displays, wireless interaction devices, and fully integrated and portable desktop applications are some of the services the laboratory offers.​
The Analytical Core Lab has specialized laboratories for spectroscopy, chromatography and mass spectrometry, trace metals analysis, wet chemistry, and surface analysis. The state-of-the-art instrumentations and operations of ACL are controlled by a LabWare LIMS system. The Lab offers analytical services in the fields of environmental science (air, water, marine organisms, sea water, nutrients, pollutants, etc.), industrial hygiene, geochemistry, bio/pharmaceutical, material science, health and safety, polymer and catalysis.​
The Supercomputing Laboratoty aims to inspire and enable scientific, economic and social advances through the develoopment and application of high perfomance computing solutions, through collaboration with KAUST researchers and partners, and through the provision of world-class computational systems and services.
The Coastal & Marine Resources Core Lab (CMOR) is dedicated to providing technical support and project assistance for scientific research in maritime disciplines, environmental monitoring, coastal/terrestrial surveys, and infrastructure development projects. CMOR is committed to providing safe and effective transport and technical platforms for all KAUST marine research activities.​
The main objectives of the Central Workshops are to assist researchers and students in their work by producing the required parts at the highest quality and to produce equipment that is required for research facilities.