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KEEP gets another member. Welcome Prof. Jesper Tegnér!

​​We are delighted to welcome Prof. Jesper Tegner as full member  of KEEP. 
His background and expertise in Computer Science and Systems Biology is an amazing contribution to the interdisciplinary concept of our program. 

Jesper joined KAUST from Karolinska Institute. 
He is an acting Section Editor on Clinical and Translational Systems Biology in Current Opinion on Systems Biology, Senior Editor in Progress in Preventive Medicine, and he is a fellow of the European society for Preventive Medicine. 
Jesper develops and applies experimental and computational techniques to uncover regulatory circuits involved in Fundamental biological processes of clinical relevance using advanced new machine learning and model based techniques targeting the design of intelligent systems capable of deciphering causality from complex 
                                             non- linear systems, such as adaptive molecular circuits underpinning the interplay between the DNA, Epigenome                                ​                        and environment.
​                                       BESE Division and KAUST Environmental Epigenetics Research Program welcomes Prof. Jesper Tegner!​