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Epigenetics Day

Epigenetics Day

The BESE Division hosted a special one-day event to encourage curiosity and fresh thoughts among our Faculty, researchers and students. The event included discussions on the general, cutting edge concepts that drive the current and future research that attempts to understand the mechanisms by which the genome learns, memorizes and interacts with the environment. In a word: epigenetics.
Epigenetics Day was open to all the Divisions and the general public, to disseminate Epigenetics research within KAUST. The program included talks by distinguished speakers, who presented general lectures on hot topics in the field, that certainly offered inspiration to those attendees outside of the biology field.
This initiative was part of the highly innovative and competitive KAUST Environmental Epigenetics Research Program (KEEP). KEEP will produce world-class unique research, and aims to contribute deeply to the unique, technology-driven, collaborative environment KAUST has created. Prof. Valerio Orlando, Head of the Environmental Epigenetics Research Program (KEEP), introduced the initiative and spoke about the stimulating and constructive collaborations that will come from its launch. 

From Left to Right: Prof. Jerzy Paszkowski, Prof Peter Fraser, Prof. Paolo Corsi, Prof. Renato Paro

The guests speakers at the event were: Prof. Renato Paro from ETH Zurich, DBSSE Basel, Switzerland; Prof. Peter Fraser from the Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK; Prof. Paolo Sassone-Corsi from CEM University of California Irvine, USA; and Prof. Jerzy Paszkowski from Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK. 
The session also involved the projection of the pluri-awarded movie about Epigenetics called "The Hidden Life of Our Genes", which was very well received by the students and the audience. The event ended with a discussion amongst the attendees and our distinguished guests. ​

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